The Two Most Important Words In Your Photography Marketing Plan

With just a few minutes of reading to finish this post, you will become better at marketing your photography business, all because you learned the two most important words you can use in your marketing tools and why they will help you.

Two words. By using these two words over and over again in your marketing, not only will it enhance the way your prospects and clients look at you, it will also help you discover a stronger connection with your clientele. All because you focused in on what they truly love the most.

In the last two paragraphs, I’ve used both words again and again. Did you catch them?

If not, let me share them with you now.


The First Word Is You

Let me share  two paragraphs with you.

I am a photographer who specializes in model portfolios. I have photographed clients in many locations, from inside my studio to on-location work at some of the best hotels in the world. I can provide you with a great portfolio that will have agencies knocking on your door.


What would make you look your best? Do you enjoy a day of pampering, where someone else is in charge of hair and makeup, ensuring you look your best? Or would you prefer to have a part in the direction of your special day – helping to create the perfect portrait experience you’ve dreamed about?

Which do you prefer? What is more compelling about the second paragraph?

It’s where the focus is. It isn’t on me. Its on you.

People in general want the attention on what is most important to them. “What’s in it for me?” The more you engage them, the closer they will become to you, your business and your services. They have to “see” themselves in what you do. Not be told how you will do it.

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To change your marketing around, take a look at everything that exists to attract clients and read it. How many times do you say “I” or “me”? How many times do you say “you” or “your”?

Make sure you adjust, and put the focus where it truly belongs.

The Second Is Because

Back in 1989, Ellen Langer, a social psychologist, did a study about gaining access to make some copies at a copy machine. A stranger would walk up and ask people if he could go ahead in the line to use the copier.

When he asked “Excuse me, I have five copies to make. May I use the copy machine?”, 60 percent agreed to let him cut in line.

When he adjusted the message and added “because I’m in a hurry” to the end, 94 percent agreed to let him move forward and make the copies.

The experiment was conducted over and over again, always with the same results. The reason was never urgent or meaningful; it simply had the word “because” in it.

Yes because is a magical, powerful word. Don’t believe it? Try it in your marketing. Add a “because” to your titles, sales pages and brochures. How about something like:

You’ll love the results because its not just a portrait, its an experience.

Play around with it.

And let me know what your results are because I’d love to hear from you.

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