Take Better Images By Thinking In Thirds


Do you know how to take a great photograph?

Think in thirds.

When you look at your subject, break it down into thirds, and determine what will fill each third of your photograph. grid of three Imagine there are lines dividing your subject into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. Then imagine your subject falling into one of the grid areas – how can you place them so the entire photograph is visually pleasing?  Frame whatever you’re focusing on at the intersection of those lines, and watch how your images will change.



grid of three 3

While I know a lot of photographers break this rule with a lot of success, knowing this rule will help you think differently, and add more perspective to your subject.

Next time you’re out photographing, play with your perspective. Find a subject, then move that subject to the various third positions. You’ll be amazed at how you see things differently.


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