Tips To Become A Coffee Shop Entrepreneur

Tips for selling your photography in a coffee shopYesterday I spent the day out of the office, hopping around from meeting to meeting. Ever had a day like that? You end up with more coffee and tea cups then you know what to do with (not to mention the amount of caffeine you take in).

It was a great day for business. But as I sat in each of those coffee shops waiting for clients, I started looking around. How much business really takes place in coffee shops? I wonder if you could put a number to it how much it would be. I’m betting in the millions.

If you have a photography business, and are sitting at home waiting for the phone to ring, next week head out to the coffee shops instead. And try this:

1. Leave your business cards.
Some coffee shops (especially the smaller, local shops) have bulletin or networking boards. People will leave their business cards, and you can take a few with you too. Head in and leave several of yours so they are visible. If you haven’t created a card with your photography on it yet, now is the time. Your photographs will help your cards stand out above the crowd. Also consider having a special promotion on it – $100 off a sitting fee, or a $79 avatar promotional image special.

2. Hang your own photographs.
Many local coffee shops love working with local business owners. Get to know them and talk about hanging your work on the walls, and maybe having special business portrait days. With a ton of business owners hanging out there, you’re sure to find business.

3. Create your own laptop advertising.
The last time you sat around in a coffee shop, how many cell phones and laptops did you see? I’m betting at least one at every table. Imagine sitting at a table for a couple of hours working, and your advertisement and web address is featured prominently on your laptop. Check out GelaSkins.

4. Get sophisticated.

Ever been to a Starbucks and decided to by music while you’re in line? Why not make up gift certificates that you can sell right from the counter. Work with your local print shop – they’ll have a ton of ideas on good looking marketing pieces. Talk with the owner, and you might even be able to do a package deal – 5 coffees and an avatar shoot for $89. Use your imagination.

3 thoughts on “Tips To Become A Coffee Shop Entrepreneur”

  1. WOW, I can so relate, I meet many of my clients in coffee shops, way too much caffeine some days and I’m not even a fan of coffee. I love the idea of Gelaskins, thanks for the tip!

  2. That’s funny…every client I have had, and I mean it literally, came from this coffee shop I went to everyday. Either they knew someone from the coffee shop, that they worked there, or were just random coffee patrons. (Plus it was my office, since I was homeless for awhile trying to save money for camera equipment)…cheers!

  3. These are some really great idea’s!
    I am a 1st time visitor and so far I am really liking your site and the information you offer that is so helpful to so many. BTW I find it really easy to maneuver around without a bunch of clutter.
    Very nice…


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