Top 10 Travel Photographers

Our Top 10 Travel Photographers includes worldwide professionals, some more experienced than others, but all equally passionate and brilliant in what they do. What you are about to discover is inaccurately entitled a ‘top’. It is thought as a top selection of fabulous travel photographers listed alphabetically. Enjoy!

Name: John Huba

Location: New York, NY

Bio: John Huba is a travel and portrait photographer based in New York. He moved to Manhattan by the age of 19 and immersed in the art of photography as an assistant of the renowned photographer Bruce Weber. He is also a filmmaker working on documentaries, interviews, and cinematographic projects. He has been published in top magazines like Vanity Fair, Travel & Leisure, Town and Country. Among his favorite travel locations, Africa takes first place.

Website: John Huba Studio

John Huba photography Massai Children
© John Huba – Massai Children / Photography on Almanac Weekly

Name: Kacper Kowalski

Location: Gdynia, Poland

Bio: With a background in architecture, Kacper Kowalski is a pilot and award-winning photographer specialized in aerial and urban photography. Over the years he has received awards like World Press Photo award, the Picture of the Year International (POYi) award, the Best of Photojournalism (NPPA) award and the Sony World Photography award. He is also the author of a photography book entitled Side Effects published in 2014. Polish Autumn is maybe his most famous photographic project, one of the images being among the 50 most popular Travel 365 pictures of 2013 on National Geographic website.

Website: Kacper Kowalski Photography

kacper kowalski eastern pomerania poland
© Kacper Kowalski – Polish Autumn / Eastern Pomerania, Poland, appeared on National Geographic

Name: Chee Keong Lim

Location: Bentong, Malaysia

Bio: Chee Keong Lim is an award-winning photographer, occupying a place in Top Five Travel Photographer Asia Contest this year. His passion for photography goes back to his high school years when he began capturing the beauty of the world around him. Lim is also interested in visual education and believes in the importance of technical proficiency. He enjoys capturing amazing landscapes, but he is a master of travel portraits as well.

Website: you can find his some of his works on Travel Photographer Asia or follow him on Facebook.

Chee Keong Lim Bull Race Photo Indonesia
© Chee Keong Lim – Bull Race, Indonesia, appeared on National Georgraphic

Name: Emily Mott

Location: West Sussex, England

Bio: West Sussex-based photographer, Emily Mott is an Art Center College of Design graduate who worked for clients like Rolling Stones, Vogue, Esquire, Travel & Leisure Golf, NY Times and Washington Post. St Lucia, Borneo, Sardinia and Bohemia are just a few of the inspiring travel destinations she documented in her photography.

Website: Emily Mott Photography

Emily Mott Travel Photo Borneo
© Emily Mott Photography – Borneo – on American Photo Magazine

Name: Vivek Prakash

Location: Mumbai, India

Bio: With a background in editorial and commercial photography, the Australian photographer Vivek Prakash moved to Mumbai in 2011 and worked extensively as a travel photographer across Asia. He describes his style as versatile, his portofolio including business pictures, portraits and photos inspired by everyday life. Prakash has been published in top magazines and newspapers such as The Guardian, Washington Post, The National, Le Figaro, The Telegraph, The NYT, The IHT.

Website: Vivek Prakash Photography

Mumbai Train Station Vivek Prakash Photography
© Vivek Prakash– Mumbai Train Station – on National Geographic


Name: Jim Richardson

Location: Lindsborg, Kansas

Bio: Jim Richardson is a well-known photojournalist working for National Geographic Magazine and contributing editor for National Geographic Traveler Magazine. He has traveled the world in search for stories and inspiration. Beside his photographic work, he is the author of black-and-white documentary work about rural Kansas life, where he now lives and owns a gallery – Small World: A Gallery of Arts and Ideas on Lindsborg’s Main Street. He has been published in major publications, from Life and Time to New York Times.

Website: Jim Richardson Photography

Machu Picchu Jim Richardson Photography
© Jim Richardson – Machu Picchu, appeared on National Geographic

Name: Colin Roohan

Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Bio: Colin Roohan is an enthusiastic travel photographer interested in documenting both his experiences and the cultures he encounters while on the road. He has been published in authoritative magazines and newspapers around the world like AFAR, Travel + Leisure, Groove Magazine and The Royal Geographical Society’s Hidden Journeys.  His passion for photography took him to Taiwan, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Bermuda, United Arad Emirates and South Korea.

Website: Colin Roohan Photography

Colin Roohan Photography Duong Dong
© Colin Roohan – Duong Dong

Name: Joel Sartore

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Bio: Joel Sartore is a famous contributor for National Geographic Magazine, but he is also an author and teacher, captivating his audiences with his sense of humor. His work has taken him around the globe, from the High Arctic to Antarctic to capture wildlife in a variety of challenging environments. Passionate about nature photography, he is a master in landscape photography as well. Over the years he has contributed to prestigious publications including Audubon Magazine, The New York Times, Life, Newsweek, and Sports Illustrated. He is the author of The Art of Travel Photography: Six Expert Lessons.

Website: Joe Sartore Photography

Joe Sartore - Penguins St. Andrews Bay Photo
© Joe Sartore – Penguins from South Georgia Island’s St. Andrews Bay – on National Geographic

Name: José Luis Vilar Jordán

Location: Valencia, Spain

Bio: Valencia-based image technician, José Luis Vilar Jordán started his photographic journey as a self-thought and ended up leading workshops on photography and video editing. He is experienced in the art of nature, urban and commercial photography, but also in portrait and minimalist photographic techniques. This year he received Spain National Award in the Sony World Photography Awards.

Website: JLV Photography

Jose Luis Vilar Jordan The Eye Spain National Award
© José Luis Vilar Jordán – ‘The Eye’ – appeared on

Name: Achmad Zet Zaeni

Location: Bali, Indonesia

Bio: Bali-based photographer and designer, Zet Zaeni is the first runner-up of Travel Photographer Asia Contest 2015, reaching this position with a travel portrait of a Papuan during a cultural festival. His vivid images talk about exotic places and cultures. Apart from exploring natural beauty in his photographic work, he enjoys capturing humanity.

Website:  Zet Images

Zet Zaeni Garuda Indonesia World Photo Contest - Children of Papua
© Zet Zaeni Photography – Children of Papua – appeared on Garuda Indonesia Photo Contest Page

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