Top 7 Free Photo Editing Apps for Android and iOS

Although smartphones are now offering a large variety of phone cameras, making the art of photography available to masses of people, sometimes, in order to get the best picture, you have to work with it a bit. This top includes 7 good, free photo editing apps, available for both iOS and Android devices. ” What is a good photo editing app?” some may ask.

Well, the answer is a bit vague: it depends on what you actually expect from it. An app and a phone camera cannot replace a professional camera and a good Desktop Photo Editor like Photoshop, but they can add a little sparkle to your pictures. Whether you want to add a filter, crop something out of your picture or simply add some cool effects, the good photo editing apps presented here can do it for you in no time.

1. VSCO (Visco) Camera – for iPhone, Android

Free photo editing apps

When VSCO Cam first came out, you had to pay for it. However, the app has been free since last year, which makes it even more appealing. The app offers a great experience to its users, as it has a variety of multipurpose filters and a great collection of editing tools like adjusting the saturation, brightness or contrast, using crop or rotate for different angles and sizes or adding highlights and shadows.

One of the downsides of this app is its layout. The app’s design mainly relies on icons and code numbers, rather than words, which may seem difficult to understand or remember at the beginning.

2. Adobe Photoshop Express – for iOS, Android

Best Free photo editing apps

Adobe Photoshop Express provides users with both simple photo editing features and more advanced controls. The auto-fix and one-touch features offer quick and simple edits, while slider controls provide a finer take on photos. As the app name’s suggests, you will find many similarities between the App and the Desktop version of Adobe Photoshop, on a much lower scale, of course. Even though you may use this app for in-app purchases, if you want even a larger variety of filters, Adobe Photoshop Express is free to use.

3. Snapseed – for iPhone, iPad, Android

Free photo editing apps

If you want almost the same features as VSCO Camera available on your iPad as well as on your iPhone, then Snapseed is the app for you. This app provides some great features for quick photo editing and its interface is much friendlier than the one belonging to VSCO. If you want to do a quick and simple retouch on a photo, add a filter or edit only parts of your pictures, this is the app that comes in your aid.

4. Instagram – for iPhone, Android

Free photo editing apps 2

The reason why Instagram occupies the 4th spot in this top is its popularity. Even though the App itself does not have that much to offer, the fact that is fairly simple to use makes it appealing for most users. However, if you want a more professional photo editing app, this is not probably the right choice for you but you can still try it as it can be one of the good photo editing apps for android and iPhone.

5. Pixlr Express – for Android, iOS

Free photo editing apps 1

A quick and easy app used mainly for image correction. The company behind Pixlr Express is Autodesk, which makes it suitable for both amateurs and more advanced users when it comes to photo editing. Whats even better about the app is the fact that is free.

6. PicLab HD – for Android, iOS

Free photo editing apps 3

If you love spending time on the Internet, then you also probably know what memes or inspirational quotes are. PicLab HD offers you the possibility to edit your photos, add text or illustrations to them and turn your simple photograph into a piece of art. However, the thing this app cannot guarantee is eternal love from other Internet users. Nonetheless, you can still give it a shot on tumblr.

7. Repix – for Android, iOS

Free photo editing apps 5

The thing that sets Repix apart from other apps is its design. Even though it offers a free basic tool kit when it comes to photo-editing and the ability to purchase more features, Repix looks really good and it provides a fun and hassle-free experience. We hope this top helped you in your search for some good photo editing apps for iPhone or Android, that are free to use. Several apps presented in this top have also Desktop or Mac versions.