Top Apps For A Wedding Photographer

Want to know the best thing about today’s technology? You can take it wherever you go.

Let’s say you’re a wedding photographer, and you’re fairly new to the industry. You still have those moments of panic the day of the wedding, standing there wondering what to do next. Now you don’t have to wonder. Just pull out your iPhone or iPad and in minutes you’ll have a slew of ideas right at your fingertips.

If you’re a wedding photographer, check out these wedding apps – perfect for taking in the field, or even using to grow your business throughout your hectic week.

Wedding Photographer Trainer

Wedding Photographer Trainer is filled with tips, facts and images to spark your imagination. It offers images to help you with posing, and gives you tips on what to do – and on what not to do.

Light, Camera, Capture!

Light, Camera, Capture! Helps aspiring photographers learn to achieve the best possible images with minimal lighting equipment. By opening up this app, you’ll have access to over 100 videos and interactive diagrams to help you understand the effect of lighting and equipment settings.

Wedding Photographer’s Toolkit

Wedding Photographer’s Toolkit is packed with photography tips, tricks and how-to’s for the traditional and photojournalist wedding photographer. Learn poses from the posing guide, get lens selection advice, and learn composition, lighting and retouching, all from this one app.

Second Shootr

Second Shootr is your personal digital assistant. It will help you plan every aspect of the event, from storing detailed information about your clients, to storing everything you need to know about the day of the event (like the name of the best man and how to reach him), to planning out your session’s image list.


SmartStudio is the wedding photographer studio manager. Run your entire studio all from your handheld device. From tracking payments, to managing clients, to handling wedding bookings, and listing out your contact information and important details, its all in one place.


Show4Pros allows you to create slideshows of your favorite images, and loop them continuously, making your iPad a great marketing tool both for potential clients, and the day of the event itself with guests and family members. Perfect to show off your work from earlier in the day at the reception, and really get the guests talking.

Wedding Photo Tips

Wedding Photo Tips is a self-updating iPad app that offers insight info, tips and tricks about wedding photography. Not only will you have photos to use as you guide, but you’ll also be provided with insight on equipment and tips used to create the image.

Wedding Photographer’s Field Guide

Wedding Photographer’s Field Guide is filled with how to instruction, along with specific strategies and recommendations to tackle the wedding day. Also includes a essential gear list.

Bride and Groom Poses

Bride and Groom Poses is a mobile posing and angle guide for photographers. This will give you plenty of fresh ideas the day of the event when you’re wondering, “what do I do next?”

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