Top Ten Signs You May Be Charging Too Little For Your Photography

Several questions pop up again and again when people contact me. One of them is “How do I get clients?” Another is “Can I really make a full time living as a photographer?” making money at photography

Those questions go hand in hand. You have to have enough clients to bring in the income you desire. And you also have to charge enough to make your business profitable for the work you do.

Here’s a humorous look at 10 ways you know if you’re not charging enough. If you see yourself in any of these, it’s time to rethink how you’re running your business.

10. Your high school senior makes more at McDonalds’s then you make for her senior portrait package.

9. They keep asking. And asking. And you keep giving. And giving. With no additional cost.

8. You book every single client that contacts you.

7. You’re working 80 hours a week just to keep up with your projects.

6. You can’t afford to take a vacation.

5. Other photographers talk to you about your pricing, and try and convince you to boost up your pricing model.

4. You have to work a second job just to pay the rent.

3. People call and hire you based on a referral … because you are “cheap”.

2. You never have large sales.

1. Your clients brag about using your DVD/CD and printing their images at Wal-Mart.

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