Traditions You May Want to Include in Your Southern Style Wedding!

If you are a proud Southern girl who is soon to become a bride, then you may want to include some of the charming Southern wedding traditions that have existed since the civil war in your own big day. Choosing a beautiful venue that really reflects Southern charm and style is the first thing to do, for example the Boondocks Event Center in North Carolina – a stunning old livery building now used to host events, weddings and other functions. Then you can incorporate all the great traditions you want into your event!

Ensure Sunshine on Your Wedding Day by ‘Burying the Bourbon’

This is a strange wedding tradition that according to Southern folklore will stop it from raining on your wedding day (not really a major risk in some Southern cities at certain times of year, but it is still a fun thing to do!). Exactly a month before the date of the wedding, someone from the wedding party is to go to the place where the bride and groom will marry, and bury a bottle of bourbon (it doesn’t matter what size – use a miniature if you want!) in the ground. It must be buried upside down (for some reason) and be unopened. Of course, after the wedding is over, you may want to dig it back up and drink it (or even on the wedding day if the magic doesn’t work and it rains!).

Give Your Man a Groom’s Cake

Another cute Southern tradition is for the bride to give her groom a special cake that is designed to reflect his personality or his hobbies and interests. This can be something you make yourself, or buy. It doesn’t have to be wedding themed, so in many ways can be more like a birthday cake in that it is just supposed to be a fun gift that suits him! This is a really nice touch because so much wedding stuff focuses on the bride, it is nice to have a tradition that gives the groom a little attention!

Bridal Portraits

Of course, in the modern day we would never dream of a wedding where no photos of the bride were taken, but in the past, not all weddings had such technology, so painted portraits were often the only way to keep a picture of the bride in her wedding finery for posterity. Many families would hang these in their homes. It is still traditional for some Southern brides to sit for a portrait, which while you may not want to have on your walls in 2015, still makes a beautiful memento of the big day, and is so much more interesting than posed photographic portraits!

These are just some of the interesting Southern wedding traditions you may like to consider using to add color to your Southern wedding. Of course, if you don’t even live in the South anymore and are having your wedding elsewhere, it is also a fun way to show your roots!

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