Turning Your Photos Into Charitable Donations For Water, Solar and Wind Power

Photography allows you to capture what is there and take it with you, no matter where you travel throughout the world. If you can capture a photograph AND make a difference in the world, all the better.

GE Ecomagination Photo Project is leading the way by donating to three seperate charities every time you upload a new picture to Flickr, and tag it with the word “wind” “water” or “light”.  In turn, GE will donate:

  • 4.5kw hours of wind energy for every wind photo
  • 175 hours of solar power for every light photo
  • 480 gallons of drinking water for every water photo

And from the looks of things, they are well on their way to power health clinics in rural Peru, build fresh water wells providing millions of gallons of water in much needed areas, and provide light to families in East Timor.

Pretty cool. So if you are on Flickr and can help out a cause, join now. Nothing more than a tagged photo can help out in so many ways.

GE Ecomagination Photo Project

(via Photojojo)

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