Unique products to offer your portrait photography clients

Are you looking for something different to offer your portrait photography clients? Are your wedding photography clients looking for something unique to offer their friends or family? We are always searching for products and services that we can influence additional market sales for all of our photography studio readers.


One new item that we came in contact with is a company called Portrait Weavers. This company can take an image and use precision jacquard looms to weave the photographic image into a cozy woven blanket or pillow or wall hanging. This is pretty cool technology. When I first spotted this product, I was under the impression that the photograph was fussed onto the pillow or fabric, but this is not the case. The image is transformed with looms to create a true work of art. Check out their website and see some of the great ideas and see how you can expand your photography business to a new level and set yourself apart from other studios.

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