Use Fotomoto To Sell Your Photographs

Do you sell your photography online? How difficult is it to set up?

A new entry to the photography world is Fotomoto, an e-commerce system specifically designed for photos. No matter how large or small your photograph database is, Fotomoto lets you sell your work directly from your own website or blog. And it’s a free service to start – you only pay a fee after you create the sale.

While many systems out there are linked directly to your professional lab, or require you to take on a monthly fee, Fotomoto makes it easy. With a couple lines of code dropped onto your site or blog, you can begin selling your images immediately right from your own community.


Some of the things I really like about this service:

No signup fee
A great selling feature, especially now with more people building and starting new photography businesses.

You set the pricing
Fotomoto charges a standard fee per image. You decide what your profit should be and charge accordingly.

Control which images to sell
The control panel makes it easy to disallow certain photographs from being included in your sales.

What makes a good site great is the ability to learn more about your customers. Fotomoto offers statistics for you to monitor which photos perform well in terms of sales, views, etc.

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