Using Email – How To Make It Work For You

Email seems to be a common factor in every business. Yet some business owners still have trouble with email – it’s almost considered a hassle more than a contact. If you’ve been frustrated with email, or even it you haven’t, check out these email tips.

Check Email Everyday
If you have an email address, and list in on your marketing materials or website, check it every day. Nothing is more frustrating (or unprofessional) if a potential client emails you for more information, and never hears back from you. Create a time every day that’s convenient – I check email first thing in the morning, after lunch, and at the end of the day.

Have Low Setting Spam Filters
When you run a business, you have to allow a little more freedom for your clients to contact you. You wouldn’t use an unlisted phone number; why do you bury your email behind high spam filters? It might take a few extra minutes every day to weed through some of the junk, but its better than shutting out a potential customer.

Use A Professional Address
Did you know most hosting companies allow you have multiple email addresses connected with your domain name? Always use this service. Not only is it more professional to use an email address with your domain name associated with it, but it also allows you more flexibility. If you suddenly decide to stop using AOL or Comcast, you’ve just lost all the power of your email address. But if you continually use an email with you domain name, you can point it to whatever service you currently are using.

Have Emails Professionally Written
With first contacts with prospects, it’s so important to make a good impression. Don’t use short answers and quick phrases. Instead, have a professionally written email in place, modify it for each contact, and send it out as a sales letter. If someone calls you and says, “How much are your prices?”, you can spend several minutes telling them about yourself and your services in addition to your prices. Do the same in your email.

Follow Through
Sending a response back quickly through email is important. But sending a second email as a follow up is even more important. Use the second email to verify they received the first, and to provide a little more information. Ask if you can speak on the phone, or set up an appointment. Your ultimate goal is to create the sale.

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