Using the Polaroid PoGo Digital Camera In Your Studio

Polaroid announced today its introduction back into the world of instant cameras with the Polaroid PoGo Instant Digital Camera. It’s the first digital camera and instant printer combination available.

polaroid pogo

Simply point it and shoot it, then crop or edit them. Add fun borders or keep it full frame. Images can be printed in under 60 seconds.

The PoGo uses Zink Printing Technology, which makes printing pictures instantly possible without using messy inks. Instead, Zink Photo Paper is a durable material with embedded yellow, magenta and cyan dye crystals, activated with 200 million heat pulses in 30 seconds with a single pass. With 100 billion crystals in each 2×3 inch print, the paper is 100 percent inkless, and has the benefit of also being eco-friendly.

polaroid pogo 2

So how can you use the Polaroid PoGo in your photography business?

How about at a wedding? The PoGo makes photographing and printing quick and painless. No worrying about downloading into your computer, and lugging along a printer. Instead, print up a dozen or so images, pop them into a self stick album, and you have a great good-will present to give to the bride and groom to take on their honeymoon.

How about at events to get the crowd talking? Shoot a few images and hand them out with fun borders and crops. Then direct them back to your shooting area for better quality photographs.

How about at portrait sittings? After the session and after they place the order, send them home with a few images in a collage format. This works especially well if you’re out on location, and don’t have access to computers and printers.

The key isn’t to give them an archival copy of their images. It’s to get them excited about the session. And to keep you in their mind until they receive their final images.

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