Using Your Photographs The Right Way In Your Blog

Do you blog on a regular basis? One of the things I love about blogging is how easy I canWedding At The Ritz Aspen Colorado share information with readers. But that doesn’t mean I only think about the text. I also think about the structure of the post as well. While my ultimate goal is to write quality content for my readers, there’s nothing wrong with attracting a little Google attention as well.

As a photographer, you should be inserting at least one photograph in every post you do. And when you insert a photograph, you need to make sure you do it in the right way, and use these three steps every time before you hit the publish button.

1. Rename your photograph on your hard drive to match the keyword you are trying to attract. How you name your photograph does matter. If you have a client image you are going to post, it probably has a name like “JoeandMary1234.jpg”. This means nothing to Google because nobody will ever be searching for Joe and Mary’s photos. If you label it instead “Wedding_At_The_Ritz_Aspen_Colorado.jpg” you’ve added a ton of quality keywords into your image.

2. Follow through with the title of your photograph. When you insert your photography into your post, you can change the title of the image as well. Make sure it matches up to your keywords.

3. Create the appropriate tags as well. Have you ever hovered over a photo with your cursor and read the tags that appear? You can also match your tags to your keywords as well. Simply type them in as you are inserting your photo into the post.

With all three strategies working for you, your post will now be more attractable to Google.

Let me show you another example. Lets say I’m in Google searching – in this case my search is for “Canon 70-200L”. Because Google wants to give you a variety of search results, it’s also going to give you the option of clicking on images for canon 70-200L.

Canon 70-200L

Because I’ve used that within my post and on throughout my photo, there is a chance my photo will come up in the results as well. Giving me one more opportunity to reach out to potential clients in a new and unique way.

Writing a blog post isn’t about you sharing with a few of your clients. It’s also about sharing with anyone in the world who may be a potential client. If you remember that, and do everything possible to reach out to them, you’re sure to find success with your blogging.

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