Victure Action Camera 1080p Review

The increased popularity of action cameras and camcorders over the past two decades can be attributed to the constant technological evolution of cameras. From professional surfers doing daredevil stunts and funny characters in popular movies to funny videos going viral, there is no denying that these gadgets are mainstream. If your old camera isn’t functional anymore or you’re excited at the prospect of documenting your adventures, the Victure Action Camera 1080p might be just right. Keep reading this review to find out if it will be worth your money.

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General Specifications

Is the Victure Action Camera 1080p the sports camera of the year? Let’s take a peek at this camera’s technical specifications.

Type: Digital sports action camera
Resolution: 4K, 1080p, 720p, WVGA, VGA
Lens: 170-degree wide angle lens
ISO: Auto / 100 / 200 / 400
Shutter speed: No info available
Continuous shooting rate: 30fps, 60fps
Screen size: 2 inches
Size: 1.57 x 1.18 x 2.36 inches
Weight: 0.13 pounds
Media storage: Class 10 MicroSD, TF card

Key Features

The Victure Action Camera is a 4K WiFi underwater camera that is specially designed for extreme sports enthusiasts. It takes 20Mp photos and HD videos that are crystal clear. The camera offers an excellent balance between quality and videos. You can choose from a whole lot of functions including time lapse, loop recording, motion detection, and variable resolutions, just to name a few. It also has inbuilt Wi-Fi which allows you to link the camera to your phone. Perhaps the best thing about this camera is that it comes with over 20 accessories, which we’ll explore later in this post. This section of the Victure Action Camera 1080p review seeks to take a closer look at what the camera offers.

Image Quality and Performance

If you need a professional sports camera that’s almost as good as a GoPro, the Victure Action Camera 1080p is a good investment. It features a sensor that captures 20MP still photos and records 4K, 1080p as well as 720p footage. Depending on the preferred resolution setting, the Victure Action camera 1080p can shoot at a rate of 30 frames per second or 60 frames per second. Unlike most action cameras, this model offers controls for more intricate settings including ISO, color filters, sharpness, white balance, and exposure.

Images are clear, although they appear grainy on the extreme ends of the ISO range. The image stabilization technology is a much-needed feature that offers increased choices when recording videos on the move. You will certainly appreciate the 170-degree wide angle lens as it allows you to capture bigger scenes with incredible detail.

Design and Controls

Moving on with the Victure Action Camera 1080p review, we found that this camera ticks all the boxes when it comes to design and controls. For starters, it comes with an intuitive menu that is easy to navigate. The car mode allows you to use this camera as a car dash-cam while the capture mode allows you to take still photos. There is even a G-sensor that detects signs of a collision and starts recording immediately. This kind of footage comes handy when the police or insurance company needs documented proof of an accident.

You can also utilize the menu to alter other settings like resolution, cyclic recording, time-lapse record, white balance, and more. With up to six menu pages, you can rest assured that there’s plenty of room for customization. The package includes a waterproof casing that works up to 98 feet underwater, hence the Victure Action Camera 1080p is also good for water sports enthusiasts. Built-in Wi-Fi offers added convenience as it allows you to control the camera as well as view and share your documented adventures on social media using your phone.

However, you have to download the FinalCam app to your iOS or Android device. You can use the USB, HDMI and AV ports to connect the Victure Action Camera 1080p to third-party devices when need. This camera comes with more accessories than any other action camera on the market. In addition to the waterproof casing, you also get two batteries, two adhesives, seven mounts, cleaning cloth, a cable tie kit, USB cable, and more.


  • Comes with 26 accessories that provide added convenience.
  • Excellent image quality and full HD resolution.
  • Multi-function camera that can be used for extreme sports and as a car dash-cam.
  • Plenty of functions available for customized videos and photos.
  • IP68 waterproof housing works up to 98 feet underwater.
  • Has image stabilization technology.
  • Charging the camera to full capacity only takes 3 hours.


  • Doesn’t have the ability to record 1080p at 60 frames per second.
  • The app WiFi connection isn’t always reliable.
  • Lacks slow-motion recording, unlike other action cameras in the same price range.
  • You only get 90 minutes of recording time.
  • Can only use Micro-SD cards of up to 32 GB.


With waterproof capabilities, inbuilt WiFi, 4K video recording and image stabilization technology, there is no refuting the fact that the Victure Action Camera 1080p is a great investment for adrenaline junkies. The camera is designed to withstand extreme environments and comes with other several features that will prove useful. Whether you love hiking, surfing, diving, bike riding, drifting, or snorkeling, the durable construction and ability to capture excellent pictures will come handy. And the best thing is that when you’re done with your sporty hobbies, you can always mount it on the dashboard of your car and activate the car mode.

Pro Tip

The Victure Action Camera 1080p is a serious alternative to the famous GoPro action camera or to the Akaso EK7000 sports action camera. At the moment of writing, the Victure Action Camera 1080p is the most conveniently priced among all three, making it the perfect choice for those on a budget.


As we conclude this Victure Action Camera 1080p review, it’s important to note that the main winning attribute of this model is that it offers a good balance between price and quality. You will love how the Victure Action Camera 1080p doubles as a dash-cam. The fact that it doesn’t support 1080p recording at 60 frames per second shouldn’t be much of a problem, especially since you get more than you’d with other action cameras at this price range.

7 thoughts on “Victure Action Camera 1080p Review”

  1. It supports higher than 32G cards.. mine is fine with a 64G, not sure of 128G but documentation says that it does support 128G. New to me, first “action” camera but I fell packed with features and a true value to other more expensive comparable models.

  2. Amazing Action Camera. Unfortunately I had to return and reorder because they sent me one with a cracked lens and it also appeared to have dust/dirt on it as if it were refurbished. A little disappointed in that however once I got my replacement, the camera itself works amazing. THE BATTERY LIFE IS TERRIBLE. If you want to go with this, I recommend ordering extra batteries. The wrist controller it comes with does not work properly either. It starts the video and then immediately stops it which very disappointed me as I expected it to work. Overall, it is worth it and functions very well.

    • Thank you for your comment, Diana! We are certain our readers will find it very useful.
      It’s a good camera for the money but we agree that it does have a few drawbacks.

    • Hi, Harriet! You could try a data recovery software such as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard or Hetman Partition Recovery, among many others, but nobody can really guarantee you will manage to retrieve it. We do hope everything works out for you!

  3. I just bought 3 pc320 cameras

    I like them, they will do just what I need

    I want to buy 5 more to cover my house

    Question/ problem…..

    It seems only one person can watch at any given time!?

    Is this true?

    If so this will be a problem, meaning if my wife and I are in different places but want to check in, we can’t. We have to log off and the other one log on then we have to repeat the process.

    If this is the case I’ll ask how I return these for a refund.

    I hope I just missed something and I’m wrong in my assumption.

    Thanks for a speedy answer

    Ed H


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