Want To Advance Your Photography? Boost Your Creativity

Photographers are naturally the creative type, right? It’s a left brain right brain thing. And any time you are in the arts, you tend to be a bit more creative than the general population.

But overall, studies are showing that we continually are losing our creativity, even though we may be increasing our IQ and doing better on critical thinking. In fact since 1990, our creativity has decreased significantly. Yet our need for creativity is at an all time high.

Creativity controls your ideas. The more ideas you come up with, the more you’ll want to act on those ideas. And the more flexible you are, the more you’ll end up creating and inventing.

Creativity controls your ability to start a new business and take risks. It controls your ability to jump in to a new environment and play with ideas to see what will work and what won’t. And if everything has to be neat and tidy and in the right order, your chances of finding success in a completely new way continually go down.

So, is it time for you to boost your own creativity? Give these ideas a shot.

Take an art class

While I recommend a lot on this blog to head out and take a class or two, there is a difference between a small business marketing class and a pottery class. While both can help you grow, only one will spark your creativity. Get into that pottery class and get messy. Throw some clay on a wheel. Make an abstract figure. Play with the paints and get as wild as you can be. It doesn’t have to be perfect – you’ll never sell it. It’s just a way to release your inter-creativity.

Small Business Marketing

Marketing can be a lot of fun. Come up with a brand new campaign for your business – something that pushes you way outside the box. Find a book on creative marketing campaigns, talk with a marketing promotions expert, or find a class that teaches creative marketing techniques. Don’t stick with the “same old” techniques. Look for a way to completely set you apart from your competition.

Have A Grown Up Play Date

As kids, you play a lot of board games. Something happens as you grow up, and that time spent disappears. Start it up again with your grown children, or a group of adult friends. We get together regularly with friends and play cards, dominos, and even pull out the occasional Pictionary or Trivial Pursuit. You can learn a lot about your friends by watching them draw.

Quit Working So Hard

Are you the type that works from sun up til sundown doing the same things over and over again? Take out your calendar, and give yourself an afternoon off. Spend it in a creative way – a day at the zoo, or a hike through a park. Use that time to reflect on you, your business, and anything else that happens to creep into your thoughts. The most amazing things can happen when you give yourself the time to think and reflect.

Start A Yoga or Meditation Class

This year I started a yoga routine. When a friend started her own meditation classes up this fall, it was a natural progression for me, so I jumped in with both feet. And if you’ve never tried meditation before, I would highly recommend it. It sounds easy – sit and be still, allowing your mind to clear and relax. And let me tell you it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. My mind is always busy – even at 2 in the morning. Yet the relaxation I feel has been worth the effort. I’m nowhere close to gaining all the benefits from meditation yet, but I know this practice will help me well into the future.

Change Your Living and Working Environments

Are you stuck in a rut? Change up the areas you work and play in. You don’t have to go big, spend a lot of money, and completely move everything out. Grab a can of paint, add a new bright curtain, or freshen up the space with colorful pillows. If you’ve never studied feng sui before, now may be the time to dive in and see how a few simple changes can completely change your attitude.

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