Want to publish your books, poetry, or photographs?

I love writing. I’ve written a ton of articles, am a columnist for the Denver Business Journal, and have a couple of books written and published. I guess I just love sharing what I do with as many people as I can.

Thanks to the Internet, there are more options than ever for getting your information out there. books

If you know Mark Victor Hansen (yep, the Chicken Soup for the Soul author) you’ll want to know about his latest creation. Head on over to his newest site YouPublish  and find out how you can quickly get your stories, poetry and even photographs published quickly. In fact, you can publish books, music, photos, study courses, audio, video and presentation files with just a few clicks of your mouse.

If you’ve always wanted to get your photographs into a published work, now is your time. Get on at the start, and see how far you can take a new way at making money with your photography.

His site is still in beta, scheduled to open up sometime here in May, but it may be time to jumpstart your publishing career by signing up now. With Chicken Soup fame behind him, I’m sure this site will become golden in just a few months – why not go along for the ride?

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