Wedding Add On – Create your Own Magazine

Imagine a four color magazine with your client as the feature. From beginning to end, you use your images to create the story of their day, showcasing your portraits in a storybook fashion. No printing the magazine on speculation – you place it online, allow people to preview it, and make money when they order it.

And if there are 50 guests that place an order, at $20 a magazine, that’s an extra $1000. [NOTE: you can charge any fee you like, and you do have expenses related to the service, so your total sales will vary]

Sound good? Then take a look at MagCloud, a company that allows you to create and publish four-color magazines on glossy paper, any size you choose as long as it’s in increments of four.

Head over to MagCloud and take a look at what other photographers have created. MagCloud is great for commercial photographers, event photography, or even fashion photography, and can help you create a dynamic piece to present to potential clients. You can even begin developing your own following if your work is edgy enough to stand alone as fine art.

Or use it for additional sales for your portrait or wedding photography. I found numerous examples to get you started.

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