Wedding Photography – It’s Not That Easy

One of the most popular field of photography is weddings. With millions of weddings taking place every year, it may seem like an easy thing to jump in on and make a few extra dollars.

As a professional high-end wedding photographer, I can tell you that it may sound easy, but in fact it’s one of the most difficult fields to get in.

  • You have dozens if not hundreds of people to work with and capture images for.
  • You must be good at posing groups of one to two, and groups as large as 100.
  • You have to cawedding photography images for professional photographerspture great images in the church with no flash, outside with glaring sunlight, and on a dark crowded dance floor. No other place will test your skills as a professional photographer as much as with weddings.
  • Your two main subjects will give you the most photographic trouble – can you capture great images with the whitest white and the blackest black together on most images?
  • Love photojournalism? Great, shoot several hundred images with a fresh new approach. Love portraits? Great, be ready to photograph dozens of different groups. Love product photography? Great, find ways of capturing all the intimate details your client spent hours putting together.

So why do it? Because of the reward. Where else can you have so much fun, attend amazing parties every weekend, and capture unique images that will never be alike?

1. Start with a plan. Every wedding must be photographed with a plan in mind. Know what images you will take before you get there.

2. Work with your client’s vendors. If you work as a team, the event will run smooth, and your client will be ever grateful.

3. Get paid what you’re worth. Wedding photography is hard work, and can take many hours of time [don’t forget production, editing, Photoshop, marketing, building your business, meeting the client, networking to find your clients, etc.] In wedding photography, you definitely get what you pay for. Become one of the best, and be able to command the highest fees.

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