11 Wedding Photography Tips for Timeless Charming Shots

A wedding is one of the most special events in a person’s life. During this day, the wedding photographer will be responsible for capturing the best moments and creating a wonderful memory for the people involved. Unlike other fields, wedding photography comes with challenges like dealing with the bride, groom, and their families – not to mention the time limitation. And because so much of the wedding day will be fleeting, the flowers, the cake, the music among others, it’s the photographer’s task to take photographs that will live on forever. This article will provide you with wedding photography tips that will help you take amazing wedding pictures.

1) Know Your Gear Inside Out

One of the most valuable tips for wedding photography is to know your gear. Ensure you are familiar with all the settings and modes on the camera and lenses. It is also smart to check all your equipment to ensure they are in proper working condition.

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Anything mechanical is subject to what is called MTBF: Mean Time Before Failure. This is an engineering term that distinguishes the high-end well-designed gadgets from the cheaper ones. It is, therefore, recommended that you carry sufficient accessories in case of any failure with your equipment.

2) Be on the Lookout for Beautiful Impromptu Moments

One of the most invaluable tips for wedding photography that photographers should know is that weddings are live events. Having a shot list prevents you from capturing those fleeting candid moments. As a photographer, you will need the flexibility to do your job and immortalize the wedding as it happens. Just ensure you are ready to capture moments that are happening around you.

You can ask the bride and groom for anything special they would like you to capture. This may include a unique feature of the wedding dress or the groom’s lucky socks.

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3) Get a Helper

One of the most significant wedding photography tips that photographers should consider is to have a backup photographer. With a second photographer, you will rarely move around during speeches, allowing you to capture formal shots while the other captures candid photos. It also reduces the hassle of you being the one to get every shot.

The second photographer can also help with carrying accessories, adjusting light and taking the scenes you are missing.

4) Scout the Location

Visiting the places you will be shooting before the big day is another must do. So besides the groom and bride coverage, you should check out some scenes at the location of the ceremony and locations the couple and family members intend to go.

It is a great idea to check out the locations at roughly the same time of the day when the ceremony will proceed to know what you will be up against.

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5) Arrive Early For the Wedding

Show up early so that you get candid photographs of people arriving, getting prepared or even the bride getting prepared at her home. Arriving early at the event gives you an opportunity to photograph all the special moments. It also gives you enough time to be creative which will result in capturing excellent photos.

Having the freedom to get creative shots early enough creates a good foundation for the rest of the day. It also removes a lot of the rushing out, which is the last thing you would want to do on such an important day.

6) Use Diffused Light

Another important tip on how to photograph a wedding is to adjust the lighting correctly. Lighting in wedding photography is crucial in creating amazing images. You may want to use flash deflector or flash diffuser while shooting indoor or in low light. Alternatively, you can use a fast lens at wide apertures or bump up ISO settings to get the desired exposures.

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7) Capture Shots in RAW format

The good thing about shooting in RAW format is that the file format stores all image information captured by the sensor when taking a photo. With the large file format comes more data that makes it easier and faster to adjust the wedding photos you captured.

It is, therefore, best to shoot the wedding photographs in RAW format since no data is compressed, allowing you to produce high-quality photos and also correct problems that would be unnoticeable in the JPEG format.

8) Think Outside the Box

Being creative by thinking outside the box is among the wedding photography tips that photographers ought to have in mind. The best memories are the unique experiences happening at the event. Unfortunately, the most precious moments happen once and cannot be duplicated. Therefore, when taking wedding photographs, ensure you think outside the box and come up with unique photos.

Take advantage of the surroundings and capture as many candid shots as you can as opposed to staged photos.

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9) Do at Least One Group Shot

How often do you get to have a photograph of everyone you love around you? Not many. For this reason, it is natural for every bride and groom to want a group shot on their wedding day.

Taking group shots requires you to be creative and ensure you do not take too many shots (a minimum of five group photos is enough). It is also a good idea to take one shot of everyone who is in attendance. You can go to a high place, say a tall ladder, a balcony or climb a roof to get the perfect shot of everyone.

10) Have Fun

This is yet another important tip on how to take wedding photos that photographers should have at the back of their minds. Weddings are about celebrating and having fun. You will notice that those you are photographing are more relaxed when you are enjoying the wedding and having fun.

Take shots of fun moments like laughter from a corner, the older folks on the dance floor, children playing around or any other special moment. The couple will be grateful you captured the rare and fun moments.


A wedding is a once in a lifetime experience, and as a photographer, you have that golden chance to prove your prowess to the couple. Just ensure you prepare well for the big day, be creative but remain formal at all time. Incorporate these wedding photography tips into your photography career or hobby to capture photos that will be cherished for life. You can also give our article on event photography tips a read if you want to gather more resources for your next gig.

We hope that this information on wedding photography tips will be very useful for your next wedding photography shoot. Just ensure you share your wedding photography experiences with us in the comment section below.

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