Weddings By The Percentages

The average wedding today here in the US is right around $20,000. While everyone has their own tastes and preference, averages show a couple will spend their money in the following way:

  • 51 percent on Reception, including reception hall, catering, cake and alcohol
  • 10 percent on Photography
  • 8 percent on Videography
  • 9 percent on Ceremony
  • 7 percent on Attire
  • 6 percent on Rings
  • 4 percent on Flowers
  • 3 percent on Music
  • 2 percent on Limo and transportation

So if a bride is planning a $20,000 event, she’s expecting to pay around $2,000 for her photographer at the average point. Some will like photography more, and be willing to bump that figure up, and others will obviously bring that down, going more for the show than the memories.

The important thing to remember here is if you only charge $250 or $500 for your photography, a bride expecting $2000 will wonder “what’s wrong with this photographer?”

And if you are a photographer and a bride comes in wanting to spend $250, she may just need a little education into why photography costs what it does. It isn’t about how much it costs to print up a few pictures – that can be done at your big box store. What costs is knowledge of the camera, knowledge of lighting, how to handle bridal stress, the cost of running a business, being properly insured, etc. Educate your clients on the costs of photography, and you will quickly be able to raise your prices.

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