What 10 Things Will Change Your Photography Business?

Have you ever found yourself saying, “I really need to do this” or “I need to make this change”. Then months go by and you realize you never had the time to do those few little things.

I think we’ve all done that over and over again. If something isn’t absolutely necessary, if it isn’t something that needs to be done for your business to succeed, it seems to be put onto the back burner indefinitely.

Yet if you sit down and take a look at all the little things you wish you had time to do, you might be surprised at how they cumulatively could change your business.

That’s what we’ve done here the last couple of weeks. We sat down and made up a list of the little things for each facet of our business. And now we’re finding it’s a great roadmap to get 2012 started with a bang. Want to do it to? Here’s how.

Write it down

The problem with doing the little things is you always put them off, hold them in the back of your mind, and never add them to your to-do list because bigger things are always more prevalent. If you have to get out an order for a client, are you really going to put “change  out About Us page on website” in front of it?

In order to get the little things done, you have to know what the little things are. And how they will impact your business. Let me share with you one of our examples.

We’ve created a “10 things to do” list for several different areas of our business, one of them being our VirtualPhotographyStudio website. We still love the look and feel of our Virtual site, yet there are small things we’ve talked about changing for months. So we sat down and created our top “10 things to do” list for Virtual. Some of the things we’ve included are:

  • Add a popup box to entice new visitors to sign up for our ezine
  • Change out some of the old widgets in the sidebar that no longer apply
  • Restructure our coaching page
  • Add a “Getting Started” page

And so on.

They are all things we’ve talked about a lot the past few months, yet we’ve never made the time to do them because we were focused on other priorities.

They are all little things. Yet when you look at all 10 together, its easy to see the impact they will make on our business. Our website will be more efficient and easier to navigate. Which means it will be clearer for visitors to move around on our site.

So with just a few simple changes that each will take no longer than a couple of hours to complete, we can enhance our website and make it more conclusive to connecting up with people that want to grow their photography business this year.

Its your turn

Now its your turn. Take a look at your business to determine what you could change. Don’t look for large goals that will take up huge amounts of time. Instead, look at the little things you’ve been meaning to do. Maybe its updating your brochure. Or changing the look of your studio. Or updating your website.

Then create a “10 things to do” list for each item. If you’ve wanted to update your wedding brochure, you can start with to-do’s of:

  • Choose 10 favorite photographs from last years’ weddings
  • Find an online resource to update my logo
  • Plan out new pricing for my wedding packages

And so on.

Its easy to talk about it and think about it. But if you’re going to make it a reality, why not start the year out right by making changes to your business model that will help you grow this year?

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