What Are A Photographer’s Most Important Keywords?

“I want to be number one under photography.”

Have you ever stated those words? I meet people all the time that say that or something similar.

Now let me ask you the next question. Why?

What will that do for you?

Let’s think about what a person is thinking when they head over to Google and type in “photography”. They may be looking for photography to hand on the walls of their new apartment. They may be in high school, thinking about a career in photography and looking for a college or art school. They may have just purchased a new camera, and are looking for tips on how to take better pictures.

Are any of these your clients?


So why would you want to waste your time being number one under the keyword “photography”?

Now let’s think about what your client might truly be typing into Google.

Let’s say you are a portrait photographer in Omaha. And a potential client is trying to find you for a family portrait. They head over to Google and type:

“family portrait photographer in Omaha”

That’s where you want to be. Because that’s the place where if you are high in the rankings, you have the biggest potential of being found by this prospect.

What Are A Photographer’s Most Important Keywords

Now its time to use your online tools to get into that keyword and stay there.

If you have a blog, and every post you create is titled:

  • Testimonial
  • ABC Photography Photographs Justin and Sarah
  • A Wedding with Amy and John

You’re never going to get top placement.

The only keywords you’ll get top placement for are

  • ABC Photography
  • Testimonial
  • A Wedding with Amy and John

But if you want high ranking on your top keyword searches, modify your blog posts like this:

The Jane Family Portrait at Elmwood Park in Omaha

Your keywords are there. You can supplement it with tags, photograph tags, and content all that match your title – and your keyword.

Do this enough, and you’ll quickly dominate your market.

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