What Did You Do For The 4th of July?

The 4th of July has always been one of our very favorite holidays. Maybe it’s because it’s in the middle of summer, and who can resist celebrating with fireworks!

This year we thought we’d try something new, and headed off to La Veta, Colorado to experience a different part of the Rocky Mountains, and to check out the Great Sand Dunes National Park, as my daughter and I have never been there, and Andrew hasn’t been there since he was 7.

First I will tell you that we all fell in love with La Veta. If you ever want a getaway that’s all about hiking and enjoying nature, this is it. It has a lot of history, glorious hiking trails, and cooling afternoon showers. Don’t expect a lot of amenities – just a couple of restaurants and stores. But the La Veta Inn had nice large suites, and food that was amazing. [Try their tuna sandwich, or fried ravioli. Both are great.]

If you head up I-70 into the main valley of the Rockies, you’ll be in the heart of ski country – and in the heart of mega-traffic and people. That’s one of the reasons we decided to head south on I-25 to La Veta. Outside of a few locals and the people that have made the La Cuchara Valley their summertime home, there isn’t a lot of people. On one two hour hike, we only ran into one other family. There’s just something about hiking through a forest, seeing beautiful falls, and feeling like you’re the only person on earth to give you an energized perspective.

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