What Do Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter All Have In Common?

The statistics are always out of this world.

  • Total unique visitors increased – 2702.2% since May 2011
  • Gender breakdown – 68.2% female, 31.8% male
  • Over 1.36 million visitors a day

Yep, that’s the latest statistics put out by Modea and comScore on the social networking site Pinterest.

If you are trying to grow your photography business, it’s THE place to be.

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So by all means, jump over, start up your own Pin boards and Pin away.

But wait a minute. Wasn’t I supposed to jump on Facebook and give it everything I’ve got just a short while ago?

Or maybe it was Twitter. Yes, that’s the one I was supposed to invest my time in.


How To Ignore The Social Networking Noise

That’s probably how you’re feeling right now. Especially if you are reading everything you can to get your business up and running. Its hard to know what to do. And in many ways the Internet has made it better … and yet much more confusing.

Before the Internet, marketing was pretty much a “given” industry. Yes, new things would come around once in awhile. Yet the standard ways of marketing were always there.

  • You needed a phone number
  • You needed business cards
  • You needed brochures
  • You needed to network
  • You needed to advertise

You may have to make the decision of advertising in a newspaper or a magazine, but the choice was fairly concrete.

Then the Internet came around and the choices expanded exponentially. What were we to do?

The key has always been there. Its just in all of the “newness” of each promising site, we forget what’s truly important.

Before the Internet, your goal was to create a contact. They may pick up a phone and call you, or find your address and walk through the front door. In either case, they found your information and contacted you right at the source.

Its no different with the Internet. Your goal is still to create that initial contact that allows you to convert them from lookers into buyers. Each “source”, whether it be Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter, is simply a driver of traffic that pushes people from point of connection back to you.

And while today you may be relying on Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, just a few short months into the future may bring on a whole new player.

Don’t get lost in the “names” of the marketing tools. Instead, focus on the core of what you hope to accomplish.

  • Build a solid message
  • Make it easy to connect to you
  • Drive people to your message from as many sources as possible

Rinse, and repeat.

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