What Does Success Truly Mean To You?

We’ve made a lot of changes around here over the past year. A LOT. And when you start looking at your life through different eyes, things happen around you that continue to guide you in the right direction.

You probably know what I mean.

If you’re on the road to create your own photography business and turn it into a success, as you search, you bump into things that help you. Like this blog. 😉

Have you heard this story?

An American heads down to a little village in Mexico and hires a boat and tour guide for the day. The guy takes him to the best place to fish, they enjoy a relaxing afternoon together, he gathers up enough fish to take home to his family, and they head in for the day. The fish means his family eats well every night; the funds he receives from the tourists is more than enough for his family to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. He does what he loves during the day and enjoys his family all other times.

The American is so impressed, he tells the guy he should expand.

If he works real hard, he can have a fleet of boats and expand the tourism in the area. He can run a huge company that promotes tourism throughout the world, and spend long days building up a business he can be proud of.

He asks why?

To make enough money to be financially secure so he can retire and spend time with his family.

The point here is sometimes we overlook how to be happy today in order to have the “dream” they sell us as we’re growing up, going to school and getting our first jobs.

It doesn’t take much to live the lifestyle you desire and do what you want to do if you truly focus in on what that is. Yes it might mean change – drastic change – to achieve it.

Last night we attended a private concert by Mark Mulligan.

Never hear of him? That’s okay. He likes it that way.

We hadn’t either until last night. Our good friends put the bash together and promised we would love his music (think Jimmy Buffet).

He never set out to be a superstar. He simply tired of his job and set off to find a different lifestyle. He found it in Mexico, and today keeps his family happy and healthy living in Mexico on the beach, making music his way, producing CD after CD (11 so far), and giving small concerts wherever people want him to go. He enjoys life and he sings about it in his songs – some of them hit WAY too close to home.

We enjoyed his music so much, we took him up on his special offer for 6 CDs – I’m listening to them right now.

Okay, how does this apply to you?

Music comes from an artist, in much the same way photography comes from an artist.

You can quit it all and pursue what you love. It doesn’t have to meet other people’s standards. It doesn’t have to win Emmy’s or Grammy’s or whatever award the industry says you should have.

It just has to satisfy the needs of enough people to keep you comfortable in the lifestyle you choose to live.

We all focus too much on the “million dollars in the bank so I can be financially secure and lead the life I dream of” and forget that the lifestyle is possible if we just change things around a bit.

So here’s your action steps for today.

1. How do you define success? What would make you happy by doing it 24 hours of the day, every day of your life?

2. How much do you need financially to achieve your level of success?

3. Take the action necessary to put it all into place.

Yes, I know. There’s a whole lot to those three steps. But the most difficult part is often defining what you want to do. If you focus on what’s already in place and how to maintain it, you get lost in what’s possible. You can take a step or two back to move forward to your new lifestyle.

And let me know how you’re doing along the way. We’re all on this journey together – and sometimes the steps and processes are HUGE.

Just keep you eye on what you truly want, and you will succeed.

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