What Does The Branding For Your Photography Studio Say?

Are you living and trying to compete with a look straight out of the 80’s? Or are you cutting edge, ready to take the future by storm?

The first thing people see about your and your business isn’t always your photography. In many cases it’s your logo, or your branding.

I’ve long promoted the need for your own, unique website and blog. You can’t run a successful business in today’s marketplace without them. But in order to make those successful, you have to have a look and feel for your site. Once you’ve chosen your business name and coloring, it’s time to get started with the look of your logo.

Should it be cute? Should it be elegant? Should it be feminine or masculine? 99designs

If you want to start gaining some ideas, head over to one of my favorite sites, 99designs. With this site, you don’t have access to one graphic designer – you have access to as many online designers that choose to participate. Set up your contest and give your requirements. Then let the designers compete to design a logo you love.

Check out Catch Me If You Can logo contest, a contest created to brand a photography business.

Your logo doesn’t have to be expensive or years in the making. It just has to be fresh and new, and give an insight into your niche.

For example, a commercial photographer should use a logo with clean lines and a professional look. A children’s photographer should capture a fun, whimsical look.

Your logo is your starting point for your entire branding strategy. You’ll use it to design all of your marketing, including website and blog. Make sure you love your look before moving on to other creations.

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  1. hi there….im about to start a photography studio and that means i have to quit my full time job, i work for a local newspaper as a photographer. So all i want is few tips on how to get started and win…the hassle continues


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