What Mobile Apps Say About The Future Of Photography

Just the other day, I stepped away from the office for an afternoon, and didn’t bring “the office” with me. Meaning I didn’t bring any of my mobile devices with me that would allow me to check email, voicemail, etc.

And while it was wonderful to “disconnect” for a while, it can be nerve-wracking for clients.

“I emailed an hour ago – did you get my message?”

“I really need to make my decision today – can I get your thoughts?”

Everyone is connected these days. Every commercial you see or hear asks you to follow the company via Facebook. Every advertisement shares their Twitter address. And more and more, companies are asking you to download and use their mobile apps.

A recent ad for a local bank told me that I could now bank with them anywhere, at any time with their mobile app. If I forgot to deposit my checks before heading off for the weekend, it no longer matters. With their app, I can snap a picture of both sides of the check, and the funds are deposited. Just like that.

In many ways, this new technology is making our lives easier, simpler and much more effective. I’m in touch all the time, no matter where I am.

Yet we’re also at the cusp of a major game changer. Things are moving so fast now, if you don’t move to keep up with even a tiny piece of it, you risk being lost forever.

Businesses realize it; they are creating apps to do just about anything. And while most are simple and limited in functions, that is quickly changing.

Every day new technology is coming to the table. With Facebook at 750 million users, they seemed hard to beat. Until Google+ was introduced a few weeks ago.

Facebook has hundreds of apps built around adding to your social community. They gave you easy ways to connect, post, add photos and videos, and let people know where you are.

Google plus uses “circles” and is allowing people to do more with their network, communicate in different ways, and share details on whatever level they choose. You can define your friends to whatever level you choose, and create messages meant specifically for that circle.

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Because of the way Google plus works, app developers have to stretch and come up with new ideas to help people connect. And I know it will be done. Quickly. We’ll see changes every day I’m sure in this brand new world.

And because of it, it’s changing the way we run our businesses.

One of the most important reasons to stay on top of technology is so you can learn the nuances of it. The more you understand today’s technology, the easier it will be with tomorrows. And if you understand today’s technology, you’ll be able to incorporate tomorrow’s technology into your business in minutes – rather than weeks or months.

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