What Will Photography Be Like In The Future?

What will the future hold for the photography industry? Will everything be in digital format? Will photographs hanging on walls defer to photographs embedded in everything we use?

I found this interesting video made by Corning that shows life in the not too distant future. Its worth the 5 minutes to watch what people are already working on – what people are already projecting life will be life in just a few short years.


Even by watching a video like this, you can start putting together your own ideas for the future of your business.

Will photographs be important? Or is it the ability to control an image and use it for what you desire?

Will apps help you become more successful in selling your concepts?

Are current, traditional packages the way to build your business? Or do you need to include something new?

What technology do you need to learn today to be successful in the future? Is now the time to go back to class to learn a new skill?

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