What’s Your Biggest Business Problem?

Last week I ran a photography survey to find out what your biggest concerns were for building your business this year. Thanks for your answers.

I thought I’d let you in on the answers so far – so you can find out if other’s are facing the same issues as you.

1. What is the biggest thing you need help with right now?

Your biggest challenge is to find more clients – this is the definite clear winner. Next in line is to learn more about running the business.

2. If you were to invest in training during 2008, where would you most likely spend your money?

The big winner here is to learn more about marketing a photography business, leading almost 50 percent over the next highest task of learning more about photo manipulation.

3. What’s your biggest challenge in 2008?

Again the clear winner here is learning how to create a steady stream of income.

Thanks so much – I see a trend here. Though I know from talking with many of you that  marketing your business and building up a strong clientele base is your toughest challenge, I really enjoy hearing directly from you how you’re currently feeling about your business. Your answers to my 4th question – What question would you ask a successful business coach right now? – has also provided me with a lot of insight.

Watch my future posts to answer some of your most pressing issues. Thanks!

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