What’s Your Wienie?

If you keep doing what everyone else is doing, you’ll never jump ahead of your competition.

Sure it’s easy to emulate what other photographers are doing in your industry, but that will never set you apart from them. What you really need is … a Wienie.

What’s a Wienie? Mark Ramsey did a great post on one of the all-time great marketers, Walt Disney. Even when others thought he had achieved perfection, Walt new something was missing.

That’s really what a Wienie is. It’s that one special thing that sets you apart from all others. It might be the way you perform at a wedding. It might be the way you present your final albums. It might be your customer service. But it has to be something that you really don’t need – but you do anyway to make you stand heads above the rest.

What’s your Wienie?

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