Why A Blog Filled With Client Posts Is The Best Way To Sell

How many clients will you be photographing this year?

Maybe you’re a wedding photographer. Your 2012 looks like this:

  • 35 weddings
  • 22 engagement sessions
  • 10 trash the dress sessions

Maybe you’re a portrait photographer. Your 2012 looks like this:

  • 50 family sessions
  • 35 baby plans
  • 100 high school senior sessions

Maybe you’re a commercial photographer. Your 2012 looks like this:

  • 3 commercial jobs every month – 36 jobs for the year

Every single one of these sessions should be more than just the session. They should be made into a blog post to showcase your work and show other potential customers exactly what you can do.

Why? Because every single session you take is a testimonial to what you can do and how well you work with your customers.

Creating the post

When you create the post, create it with the desire to get your clients to share their session with you AND to gain traction in the online world. The post should include the best title possible, content to tell the story of your client and the session, and the images. Don’t include just one; provide an entire selection to showcase everything about the session.

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Share every client

While blogging may seem like an extra chore that you will do when you have time, its more to your clients. They like knowing their images will be available for the world to see. It can also be an added bonus you can include in your packages. They come to expect it and love being able to share links with their family and friends. In the above examples, the wedding photographer would be able to create 67 posts during the year – that’s a lot of content. In one year, if she simply added 10 photos per client, she could place over 670 images on her site. Do that multiple years, and you can quickly get into the thousands. Clients and prospects are always impressed when you can say you have thousands of images online for them to look through – it’s a great selling tool.

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Get a quote from the customer

When you work that closely with a client, they will almost always be willing to give you a testimonial, even if its just a sentence or two. Add their quote to your post, and you’ll add even more power to every post your create. A great way to do this is to set up the post and email the link over to your client. Then ask them to comment on the post to let you know what they think. If you attach your comments to Facebook, you can share comments to a wider audience.

Expand your posts

Its easy to come up with a post related to every client that comes through your door. Yet depending on your work load, that may be only one or two posts per week. Don’t stop with client-filled posts. Use your clients’ ideas to come up with even more ideas. For example, you may create a post from an engagement shoot:

Engagement Photographs For Jake and Kim

Yet that one post may be able to give you a variety of other post ideas as well:

How To Use Downtown In Your Engagement Images
What Should You Wear To Your Engagement Shoot?
Are Black and White Engagement Images Still In?
How To Display Your Engagement Photograph At Your Wedding

While you are using Jake and Kim’s images again and again, the key is using them in slightly different ways to “sell” your clients and prospects on more ideas.

Yes, your blog is for your clients. And your prospects. And your referral sources. And so much more. Always be thinking about how you can use your blog as a sales tool – the more you use it, the more it will work for you.

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