Why Can Photographers Command Such High Fees? Number 10

I recently posted an article entitled, 10 Reasons Professional Photographers Charge What They Do. As I was writing this article, I realized my 10 could be expanded and have even more detail. So this is the start of 10 Reasons Why Photographers Can Command Such High Fees.

10. If you are a professional photographer, and you’ve decided to camera lensmake it your career, the only way to stay in business is to make money. You have to build your studio as a business, and make enough money to pay you for your lifestyle, and still have enough left over to run the business.

Other business owners have no trouble commanding high fees. A consultant can easily charge a company 5 and 6 figure fees because of their knowledge base. Why can’t a professional photographer?

If you’ve made the choice to be a full time photographer (even if you now are part time) you have to build up the business to be profitable.

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