Why Can Photographers Command Such High Fees? Number 3

[I recently posted an article entitled, 10 Reasons Professional Photographers Charge What They Do. As I was writing this article, I realized my 10 could be expanded and have even more detail. So this is the start of 10 Reasons Why Photographers Can Command Such High Fees.]

3. Ever try to get great customer service at a chain studio? They only make money in quantity – the more people in and out, the more they make. So their goal is to rush you in and out as fast as possiblepeople.

A professional photographer isn’t just an order taker, she provides total customer service.

Professionals photograph dozens or even hundreds of clients a year. They understand what looks good, how to put together albums, and how to group multiple photographs together. Their goal is to provide you with what you need and what’s best for you – not just have you sign on the dotted line.

Are you promoting these facts to your clients? Do they know you only book one client at any given time? They can make special requests, and get your opinions because you know what’s best?

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