Why Can Photographers Command Such High Fees? Number 6

[I recently posted an article entitled, 10 Reasons Professional Photographers Charge What They Do. As I was writing this article, I realized my 10 could be expanded and have even more detail. So this is the start of 10 Reasons Why Photographers Can Command Such High Fees.]

6. When a client hires a professional photographer, they desire Photography Business - Studio Lighting - Digtial Photographythe output – the final photograph. But what they don’t see is how long it takes to get to that final image. Have you ever been asked why you can charge so much for one image, when they can run down to their favorite discount store and get the same size for a few pennies?

Professional photographers can spend hours producing one professional photograph. Time can include:

  • creating the marketing to draw a prospect in
  • answering emails and phone calls from prospects
  • meeting with the client to talk about the event
  • setting up for the event
  • drive time to and from the event
  • time for the actual photographing
  • running to and from the lab
  • meeting with the client for previews and decisions
  • processing the image
  • retouching the image
  • mounting the image
  • framing the image
  • packaging the image
  • dropping off final images
  • production work
  • follow up work

Add it all up. One portrait session can take hours worth of work. Can you really expect someone to spend hours in production, and charge just a dollar or two for the final product?

It’s impossible to stay in business if you only make a few pennies per client. If you have clients asking about your price, create a handout showing the time and care you put into each portrait. Once your customer understands it, they’ll be more excited about your portraiture, not your prices.

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