Why Every Photographer Needs More Than One Web Site

How many websites do you have?

Nope, that’s not a trick question.

For many photographers, the thought of having to operate, add to and change more than one website may seem like a daunting task. But in reality, it may be the best thing to do.

You probably have more than one specialty you cater to. Babies. Families. Seniors. Weddings.

And if a new mother is completely consumed with the idea of being a new mom, she wants to focus on everything around being a new mom. She wants to see photographs of babies, and learn from others around her. She wants you to cater to her – a new mom. She doesn’t care about high school seniors – that’s years away. And she’s done with her wedding. So everything about her life is filled with being a mom.

So why not have a website completely filled with your baby business, all for her?

Likewise, a newly engaged couple is enamored with the idea of weddings. She buys magazine after magazine. She signs up for every bridal festival in town. She visits boutique after boutique to try on dresses; not just to find the perfect gown, but for the experience of trying on as many beautiful dresses as she can. Its her day, and she wants the most magical experience possible.

So why would you have a website filled with family photographs, babies and children? She wants to click from page to page and see nothing but weddings.

1. Buy a unique domain name for every piece of your business.
Domain names are cheap – you can buy a unique domain name for $10 a year. If you specialize in family portraiture, high school seniors and weddings, you’ll need four: one for your overall business, and one for each of your specialties. That’s four domains – $40 a year.

2.Put up a blog for each.
Blogs are the easiest thing to put up and manage, and they give you complete control over all of your content. They can be as sophisticated as you like – you can’t tell the difference between a blog and a website anymore. Then cater to fans of your specialty, and give them what they want – photographs. You can put up a ton of images to show off your latest work, and showcase your talents for future clients.

Why Every Photographer Needs More Than One Web Site

3. Use each to market your business in a unique way.
If you have one site, and you market yourself as a photographer, you have to compete with every other photographer out there – in a general way. But if you are a wedding photographer, you can now use your wedding site as a way to niche yourself into places you wouldn’t get to otherwise. Your domain name, keywords and content will help you rank higher for your niche. And you’ll be more impressive to your audience.

4. It will help you focus on the needs of your clients.
Have you ever had the phone ring, and a potential client say, “Do you photograph ___?” As a general photographer, your first reaction is to say yes. You’re willing to try anything, especially if it brings in a little money today. But if you have a site dedicated to one specialty, anyone visiting your site will know instantly what you do. They won’t have to ask. You’ll raise the bar on your talents. And people will expect more because you focus all of your energy in one area. You’re the expert. The more you show it, the more you believe it, and the more you can sell your talents at a higher level, and for a higher price.

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