Why Facebook Hashtags Are Important To Your Business

Love Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr or Pinterest? Then you’re probably used to #hashtags. And that’s the one thing that was missing in Facebook until this month.

Hashtags first started by Twitter, allow social networkers an easy way to insert themselves into real-time conversations. If you’re watching your favorite TV show and you use their Twitter #hashtag, you may see yourself coming across the screen. Attending a seminar or expo in your field? If they use a #hashtag, you can instantly provide feedback to all those following the feed.

But why should you use this new Facebook feature? Think of it as a way of controlling traffic. Hashtags are searched, spidered, crawled and controlled more now than ever before. Hashtags aren’t just a Facebook thing – they are in all kinds of social networking sites. Meaning they are used cross-platform, meaning by using them in Facebook, you’ve now connected yourself to many other social platforms as well. Think of it as doing work in one area and having impact in many, many others.

Tips For Using Hashtags:

#The #First #Thing #You #Shouldn’t #Do #Is #Use #It #In #Every #Word
Now that hashtags have rolled out, I see people loading up their posts with hashtags – like this one.

Example of what not to do with hashtags on Facebook

Really? Does this look readable to you? Nope, and your followers won’t think so either. When you write, make sure you include one or two words per post, and use them interchangeably with real words That way as you have something to say about #photography, for instance, it flows as a real sentence. Using hashtags everywhere may seem like a good idea right now while its brand new, but in a very short period of time it’s the people that use it the right way that will come out on top.

Don’t create a #wildlylonghashtagthatblendstogetherintoonelongword that no one will ever know what it is. Yes, you can combine things that are short and sweet and make sense – #WeddingPhotography or #PhotoExpo2013 are great examples. But beyond that, don’t go crazy with combining things that no one will search for anyway.

Choose your hashtags carefully. Yes, you want to use hashtags that are common in your industry – #photography being a good example. But you should also look inward at your own company and decide what works for your products and services as well. If you have a product like #PricingYourPhotography and want to create your own following for it, by all means create it. Then add it to your common list of hashtags that you use over and over again. Try and come up with a list of 5-7 hashtags that work for your business, and use them again and again. You’ll gain more traction overall if you stick with a plan.

Remember to always write for your audience. Use 1-4 hashtags in your posts on Facebook, but don’t use them every time. If you’re posting several times a day, use them sparingly across your posts. You don’t want to look like one big marketing fanatic if someone comes to read your Page for the first time.

Hashtags work with everything. Yes, you can use hashtags when you post copy, video, and photos. Just remember the rules from above as you are creating your content.

Overall, hashtags will not change the way your Page is viewed or how much distribution or engagement you have.  Its simply another way to be found. You have to work Facebook if you want it to work for you. Hashtags simply gives you another tool to use to connect and grow your exposure.

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