Why My Tips Will Never Work For Your Photography Business


Every single day you have access to millions of articles, publications, secrets to success manuals, videos, courses and guides.

You can read solid advice from the moment you get up in the morning until the moment you go to bed.

You can talk with a mentor, study with an adviser, and listen to your favorite guru every moment of the day.

Yet when you take all of this and try and put it into your own business life, one thing holds true: it may or may not work for you.


That probably sounds like the most wishy-washy statement you’ve ever heard. How can you take advice from a zillion different sources, put it all into good use for your business, and not know if it will work for you? It should – its great advice right?

The problem lies with being human. No two people are ever alike. We’re in different areas of the world. We have different likes and interests, goals and desires. We learn differently and we think differently. We can hear the exact same advice and approach it in totally unique ways.

Advice always comes from the heart. When someone teaches you a new idea and pours out their passion for you, you take it in. But there is one problem; your mentor is at a different place in life. She may be a professional for over 20 years, a solid business that brings in six figures every year, and she’s maintaining a client list from around the world. You are just starting out and don’t have the same background. So you don’t understand the nuances and the finer points your mentor brings up.

Because you don’t know what you don’t know.

So I could say something simple like “market your business on Facebook” and it makes sense to me because I’ve spent years studying social media and Facebook, I work on it every day, and I have thousands of followers that bring me in business on a daily basis.

Yet for you with a personal account with 50 friends and 5 people liking your page, “market your business on Facebook” means something else entirely. You may think of all the things you’ve already tried that don’t work. You may think about how bad you hate logging in and sharing things. You may think it’s a time waster. You may have the desire but you just can’t seem to bring in another friend or like. And its all because:

You don’t know what you don’t know.

So how do you get around this obstacle?

You simply do it.

Some people you resonate with. Some you don’t. Some people make sense. Some people are completely confusing. Some people you like. Some you don’t.

And that’s okay.

With billions of people in the world, you should gravitate towards the one’s you really like. It’s a big world and you don’t need to find your mentors next door; they can be any where in the world.

Find them and copy them. Learn from them. Let them inspire you. Drink it all in. Use it all. Learn from it all. Imitate everything.

And gradually you’ll “see the light”. Something will click and make sense to you. You’ll use that and be completely comfortable with your new-found information. And when you know it well, your own characteristics will shine through. You’ll no longer look, feel and sound like your mentor, you’ll look, feel and sound like you.

You’ll put your own twist on things. You’ll put your own mark on the way you do it. It will be you.

And then you can take that and move forward to the next step.

Rinse. Repeat.

Do it again and again for the rest of your life. Because after all life is nothing but one big learning curve.

If you’re not scared once in awhile, or curious once in awhile, or completely out of your comfort zone, you’re really not living.

That’s what makes you grow. That’s what makes you you. That’s what propels you to your future success.

Ready, set, go.

4 thoughts on “Why My Tips Will Never Work For Your Photography Business”

  1. Lori, thank you for this post. Hubby and I are soaking-in the advices you are giving us in your ebooks. We purchased Becoming, What do I name my photography business, 30 Ways in 30 Days, The wealthy photog and the photographer’s blogging book. We ready read the first two and currently are on day 10 of 30 days. It is amazing! I’ll try to keep you posted on our progress!


  2. I love this post! All the other sites talk about finding out who you are without copying anyone else…i don’t think that can be done. We learn by imitation and later learn who we are as individuals. Thanks for the great post.


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