Why Photographers Shouldn’t Use A Website

9 out of 10 photographers are using their websites incorrectly.

  • They create a small, brochure-like site with just a few pages, and let it sit for months (even years) without a change.
  • They create Flash driven websites that make look good in action, but do zero for marketing online.
  • They add a few of their best-of images to their online gallery, and expect to look different from the hundreds of other photographers online.

Are you one of them?

What should you be doing? How about blogging?

Blogging gives4-low you the ability to create your own content whenever you like, control your content 24/7, and be able to connect with prospects and clients anywhere, anytime. Imagine being able to show 50 images from a wedding you did on Saturday on your blog on Monday afternoon.

And with the functionality of a blog, your images could be seen by people all over the world – giving you access to clients from all over the world. I loved traveling to Phoenix in February (lots of snow in Denver) and loved making connections with people outside of my normal region.

Blogs make it possible. Are you ready to blog?

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