Will Mirrorless Cameras Change Photography?

We’ve been doing our research and are ready to take the plunge. Yep, we’ve got our order in for our first mirrorless camera, a Sony NEX-7

We’re heading to Europe soon, and have decided that traveling with 3 laptops, 3 iPad/Kindles, 3 iPhone/iPods and a big bag of camera equipment isn’t something we want to do. So the logical choice was to cut out the camera equipment. Especially when we started reading the reviews of the NEX-7.

People love cameras. Sortable.com recently surveyed more than 275,000 people and found that while point and shoots and DSLRs are still at the top of the heap when it comes to camera purchases, mirrorless technology has definitely claimed its stake in the “war”.

What makes 3rd generation cameras attractive is the fact that they offer the “best of both worlds” – the functionality of the DSLR and the size of the point and shoot. Because it offers a mirrorless design, its simpler, smaller and easier to carry. Because the camera body is designed differently, the lenses are simpler and smaller as well. Meaning the entire camera system – body and lenses – can easily fit in just about any bag you want it to. So you don’t need a large camera bag that makes it pretty obvious you are a professional photographer. And you don’t have to whip out a lens that makes it pretty obvious you’ve spent big bucks.

Will mirrorless cameras become a fad or will it form the future of photography? Right now there isn’t a large lens selection available with 3rd generation technology. Which may be a huge consideration for a professional who shoots a wide array of photographs, such as at a wedding. But as they continue to improve the selection, that “difference” will become obsolete.

And ultimately its not about what camera you use or what lens you use; its all about your creative eye, how you market yourself and what your portfolio looks like.

What is your opinion on mirrorless or 3rd generation cameras?


2 thoughts on “Will Mirrorless Cameras Change Photography?”

  1. Why do you need the iPads and laptops? I would ditch one or the other. People will be trying to snatch your iPads for sure. Surprised you haven’t tried mirrorless before, they’ve been out for a while.

    • We have different uses for each item. Plus Kindles (not the iPad) have unbelievably long lives for reading at the beach!

      I’m not sure why we’ve never tried out the mirrorless either – but now is the time! We’ll let you know what we think as we travel around.



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