Wow Your Clients – Give Them Something They’ve Never Seen Before

Okay all of you event and wedding photographers, I’ve got a site for you. It’s called I Dream Of Cake, and I guarantee you will be dreaming of cake long after you look through this site.


This company is not just a bakery, she is a cake artist. The difference is in the work she does. I have a screen shot from her site here, but you have to take a look at it. She creates cakes that resemble everything from shoes and purses, to the Eiffel Tower. And they look so amazingly real, you really have to stare at them awhile to see that they aren’t “the real thing”.

So if you’re an event or wedding photographer, imagine being able to give your client a referral to this site. Your client creates a true masterpiece for her event. Will she love you for it? You bet. Now reverse the situation. Imagine being a photographer this small business refers on a regular basis. I guarantee she’s staying very busy, and she has a ton of clients looking for quality photographers.

When this artist decided to go into business, she didn’t do the standard cakes that you can find in any shop from coast to coast. She went the extra mile and created something that made her stand out. That gave people a reason to talk about her. (I found her in a magazine.)

What do you do that says WOW? Can people find your work in every photographers gallery, or do they stop and stare when they see your work?

To be great, and to get people talking, you have to stand out from the crowd.

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