Yes You Can Sell Your Pictures For Extra Cash

Instead of saying, “It’s not worth my time to earn a few cents on a photo”, what if you could look at each photo as an income generating opportunity – for life.

Some people look at vacations, weekend getaways, and even the occasional Friday off for running errands as a way for taking photographs for themselves. Others (like myself) see these same events as opportunities for taking a few great photographs, and making money from them.

There are dozens of stock photo places online (I buy from them as well as sell to them regularly) that let you buy the work of other photographers. Just because you’re good at photography doesn’t necessarily mean you have access to the perfect picture when you need it. If I’m doing a story that requires a photo of chicken soup, it’s a whole lot easierĀ  for me to head over and buy one for $1 then to bring out my camera and get everything in place to snap the picture.

Some people say selling to stock houses is a waste of time. They only pay you a small amount per download, so why bother?

Let’s say they pay 80 cents per download. ( pays anywhere from 20 cents to $3 per download depending on the file size, and the royalty doubles if it’s an image exclusive to IStock.)

If you sell your image once, you gain 80 cents. But if you sell it 1000 times, you can make $800. Some of the top sellers on IStock sell individual photographs thousands of times each. And if you have a portfolio of images out there that are each earning you that kind of money; well, lets just say it’s worth MY time to put a few images out there each month.

How about you?

[Want a complete guide to selling your images to stock houses? Let me show you how to easily incorporate stock photography into your business strategy.]

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