Your Blog Post Checklist – Make Your Photography Blog Attractable

Do you blog on a regular basis? If so, you’ve probably posted a few that were anything but complete. You forgot to spell check. You didn’t include the link you planned on using. Or you simply made it a short post because you didn’t know what else to write.

Writing posts on a regular basis takes more than talent; it takes a checklist to make sure all of the pieces are included.

Even if writing isn’t your “thing”, here is an easy way to make sure every post you create is perfectly targeted towards your readers.

1. Start with a great title

Titles are more than a quick note about the photography you are including in this post. If your titles have ever looked like this – “Jack and Amanda” – its time to rethink your titles. Titles should be a perfect balance to attract your readers that come to your site, and entice people that find your titles through Google, Facebook, Twitter and more to want to head over and actually read what you have to say.

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2. Is the post complete?

When you are finished with your post, read through it. Is it a post many others would find interesting and useful? Would they want to share it with their friends? Do you get a complete story by reading through it? While posts should never be complete novels, they still need to have complete thoughts. Make sure you have a beginning, middle and end, and your reader gets the complete story by the time they read your last word.

3. Did I read through it?

While it sounds like common sense to read through something after you’ve written it, most people simply hit the publish key. Read it once to make sure it flows – I even read mine out loud when I get the chance. Check for punctuation, grammar and spelling mistakes. I’ve often caught myself using correctly spelled words – just the wrong word for the sentence – three instead of tree. You may also step away for a while just to get a new perspective on what you’ve written.

4. Did I link to another post?

As your blog begins to grow, you will have a ton of great information that will sit in hiding on your blog. Bring it out by linking to older posts that have some relevance to what your current topic is about. It’s a great way to keep people interested in your site, and have them dig deeper into your content.

5. Are your links working?

Nothing is worse than releasing a great post with a number of links, only to have someone comment and tell you the links don’t work. Always test everything you do before you hit the publish button.

6. Does my image work with the content?

As a photographer, photography should be your first thought. But do you include images just to include them, or are they the center point of your post? Make your photography the story. Talk about how you found the inspiration, what the photo means to you, and what it means to the client.

7. Is your post optimized?

One of the great things about WordPress is you can optimize each post in a variety of ways. Are you using great keywords, meta data and SEO content? Do you use a great SEO plugin to help you along? Are you using everything you can to entice readers and traffic from all over the web?

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8. Is this the best time to post?

Who are your clients and when do they read what you have to say? Your blog should have great content available when they want to read it most. You can always announce your posts in different ways on different social media sites. But the more you can release information when people want to read it, the more your site will grow.

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