Your Photography Business – Recession Proof It

What are you doing to your photography business to guarantee yourself an income … no matter what?growth graph

I’m out on social sites like Facebook and LinkedIn a lot. So I see a ton of conversations all related to the economy. People are worried about their jobs, wondering if they’ll still be employed six months from now, and trying their hand at building up a hobby to a reasonable income, so that it won’t hurt quite as bad if their job does disappear.

But what if you could build up your hobby to a full time income – a Six Figure income – and never had to worry about the J.O.B. every again?

I was actually in that same circumstance eleven years ago. Andrew was full time in our photography business, and we had built our photography business up to a good income – about $60,000 per year. Good enough for one income source, but not for two. Yet I knew if I quit my job, I could work hard and build that even further.

My job was always on the list of possible shut down. Our office continued to shrink as people quit. And our headquarters in Washington DC threatened to bring us back all the time. With a 3 year old daughter and a ton of family around us, we didn’t want to move.

So I marched in one day and quit. Scared to death. Lost all the benefits (insurance, retirement, etc). And yet it was the most exciting time of my life up until that point. I was now in charge of my destiny. I was no longer at risk of being downsized – I could create as much income as I chose.

So we did. We doubled and tripled our profit year after year from that point forward.

Having a job is sometimes a comfort – it helps keep you from doing what you truly want to do. It gives you just enough income to feel uncomfortable about leaving. While I’m not saying you should ever quit without having other income sources in place, it does make you look at your life in an entirely different way.

But once you’ve made photography your full time career, you start looking at what you can do to bring in more income.

  • No weddings in your area during the winter months? Why not become a destination photographer!
  • Portrait sales slow in January? Why not photograph babies (HINT: babies are born every single day of the year)!
  • Commercial sales slow in the winter? Consider traveling to additional locations for catalog or fashion shoots.

There are a ton of ideas that can help you achieve the status of Six Figure Photographer quickly.

Which is why I’m also so excited to be releasing my Six Figure Photographer coaching program, updated for 2009 and ready in an entirely new format. I’ve listened to all of you who’ve been saving to afford the old manual format. I’ve listened to all of you from around the world who were looking for an electronic format. And the 2009 version is going to be the premier place for photographers to be – those photographers that want to turn a hobby or a part time income stream into a Six Figure success!

If you’ve been wanting a plan to help you build up your business this year, check out Six Figure Photographer. And let me know what you think of the new changes.

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