Your Words Can Add Millions To Your Bottom Line

Your Words Can Add Millions To Your Bottom Line

Ever been to a flea market? They can be quite entertaining. Who knows what you’ll find in the tables of “junk” – you can definitely find your own treasure if you look close enough.

changing the way you speak about photography

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Here in Denver, we’ve had a fairly large flea market (Mile High Flea Market) that’s been around for years. They’re open every weekend year round, and its been growing every year since it opened. This year I noticed a change.

They are no longer the Mile High Flea Market. They are the Mile High Marketplace. They are still open weekends only, but they’ve added permanent structures: buildings and tents, and have themed many of their weekends to offer special classes, booths and even concert events. This next weekend is the Green Marketplace, and they’ll have special demonstrations on green technology and green companies, showing you how to do everything from xeriscape your lawn, to learning more about wind and solar power.

So what changed? Their name and the way they think of their business. They are no longer a flea market – associated with a cheap, garage sale mentality. They are now a marketplace, and likewise have the ability to offer anything they choose. The sky is the limit with their knew image and thought process.

You can apply this thought process just as easily to your photography business.

The way you speak and structure your marketing speaks volumes about your business. Early in our career, we switched our logo around and added “Worldwide Imagery” to it. Almost overnight our clients looked at us differently. “Where are your satellite offices?” “How many employees do you have?” We had questions like this all the time. We made ourselves look bigger and more professional just by the words we chose to use. We didn’t change our business model; we still had two people working out of our home office. But people looked at our business differently. And were more willing and expecting to pay more for our services because of our larger scale look.

What are some photography words you need to be careful using? How can you change some of your lingo, and look more professional?

  • Instead of shooting, use photographing.
  • Instead of pictures, use images.
  • Instead of packages, use collections.
  • Instead of shots, use photographs.
  • Instead of proofs, use original images.

See how a few changes can improve the way people look at your business? It takes a little work, but the results can be astounding.

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